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  Skyborne Flat Coated Retrievers
Ontario, Canada

 Yahtaris Flat Coated Retrievers     Minnesota

 Lyric Flat Coated Retrievers            Virginia

 Shasta Flat Coated Retrievers         California

Key to Abbreviations in Pedigrees and Titles

American Kennel Club Titles :       


Ch.= champion of record: breed champion                             GRCh.= grand champion

Obedience Titles:

CD= Companion Dog           CDX= Companion Dog Excellent      UD= Utility Dog       UDX= Utility Dog Excellent           O.T.Ch.= Obedience Trial Champion

 Tracking Titles:

TD= Tracking Dog   TDX= Tracking Dog Excellent                                          UDT= Utility Dog w/ Tracking Title                  VST= Variable Surface Tracking Dog      C.T.= Champion Tracking Dog

 Agility Titles:

NA= Novice Agility      NAJ= Novice Agility Jumpers w/ Weaves     NAF= Novice Agility Fast

OA= Open Agility           OAJ= Open Agility Jumpers           OAF= Open Agility Fast

AX= Agility Excellent      AXJ= Agility Excellent Jumpers    AXF= Agility Excellent Fast

MX= Master Agility       MXJ= Master Agility Jumpers     MXF= Master Agility Fast

Any of the above agility titles with P after title= Preferred Agility Title (lower jump height)

             MACH= Master Agility Champion

 Hunt Test Titles:

JH= Junior Hunter               SH= Senior Hunter                          MH= Master Hunter

Non-AKC Titles and Awards:

H.I.T.= This dog was awarded "Highest Scoring Dog" in an Obedience Trial

H.C.= This dog was awarded "Highest Combined Scores in Open B and Utility B" in a trial

Flat Coated Retriever Society of America Awards:

Field Titles and Awards:

WC= Working Certificate         WCX= Working Certificate Excellent

WCX**= This dog has received a Judges Award of Merit or a placing at an AKC field trial

H.O.F. = This dog is allowed into the Flat Coated Retriever Society of America Hall of Fame